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Health and Safety (HSE) Method Statement for Gutter Cleaning

To download the editable and quality safety document file" Method Statement for Gutter Cleaning ", click on the link given at the end of this post. to download more health and safety documents-hsedocuments, keep visiting by visiting

Details of Health & Safety Arrangements Include:

  • Policy
  • Arrangements
  • Risk Assessments
  • Information, Instruction and Training
  • Emergency Arrangements
  • Safety Standards and Rules


Gutter Cleaning


Operations manager /operative/engineers to be arranged

Resources Identified:

Gutter Cleaning Vacuum (GCV), poles used for the gutter cleaning process and the high-level cleaning, huge capacity generator and compressor used if required. Such usage of generators and compressors are mostly applicable in case of outdoors activity if there is no availability or access to an electrical socket, various latest technologies such as drones’ cameras and inspection equipment, primary hand tools, electrical extension wires with Residual Current Device (RCD) protection also additional silicon-based sealant materials to repair such building/facility rainwater guttering system.

Risk Management for Work:

Risk Assessments have been conducted on the following activities:

  • Onsite activities
  • Working in public places
  • Use of tools and equipment
  • Manual handling
  • Work at Height
  • Lifting activities as defined under Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations LOLER

Summary of Activities with Potential Hazards and Risks:

  • Use of work equipment
  • Slips trips and falls
  • Working with electrical equipment
  • Working with generators
  • Working on a client/contractor and or customer’s site or in public places
  • Manual Handling of materials and equipment
  • Possible working from steps/ work at height

Controls Initiatives:

Appropriate Controls measures have been identified from the risk assessments and are highlighted in Method Statement and Risk Assessment MSRA includes the following key points:

  1. Proper Health and Safety Communication and Training 
  2. HSE Inspections
  3. HSE Observations
  4. Method of working

Communication and Training of Health and Safety:

  1. All risk assessments, method statements and Safe Systems of Work (SSOW) will be communicated to the [Organization/Company] team/ operative prior to work initiation.
  2. A copy of this documented procedure and other recommended and suggested and applicable safety arrangements will be communicated and passed onto the client/ sub-contractors or other stakeholders before work started.
  3. All relevant toolbox talks will be communicated to the team/ operative before work commences ensuring that the team/ operative has had instruction and awareness information provided.
  4. Further information on the communication and training of Health and Safety can be found in the Health and Safety Arrangements.

Checks and Inspections:

  • All work equipment, devices or machinery will be checked before use for safe operation and to ensure that it is “fit for purpose” and proper required third-party certification has been done.
  • Risk Assessments (RA) and Safe Systems of Work (SSOW) will be checked before work started.

Induction and Permits to Work:

Method Statement Details 

  • Contact the Client’s site project manager/engineer for any worksite induction or Permits to Work (PTW) requirements before proceeding with any work on site. 
  • Contact the site project manager/engineer that asbestos is not present in the work area. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are not to be disturbed by [Organization/Company] This work is required to be conducted by a specialist contractor or Government entity.


  • Before commencing to site, make sure that the Client’s site project manager/engineer has authorised access to the workplace and the work area.


  1. The organization’s Contractor, team or operative will carry out their work within the Client’s Health and Safety rules and arrangements.
  2. Before commencing work these Health and Safety rules will be communicated to the team/ operative.


[Organization/Company] will strictly comply with a no-smoking policy on any Client’s premises/workplace.


All Gutter cleaning Services will not be interrupted due to work conducted by [Organization/Company]

Unloading Details:

  • Delivery to the site to be arranged with the Client to ensure minimal disruption.
  • Ensure adequate access and the best route to the workplace.
  • Unload the vehicle or equipment by hand if no mechanical aids are available.
  • Manual handling could be done by teamwork.
  • Avoid a route that may bring you into contact with the Client’s staff or customers if possible, ensure that gangways are clear, before bringing materials through, to the work area.


  • All designated gangways and passageways should be free from obstructions.
  • Ensure all waste from gutters is collected and disposed of from the work area.
  • Ensure all fire exits and firefighting equipment are clear of any obstructions.


  • All sorts of Ladders to be used will be inspected before going on the workplace/site.
  • All tools and equipment are to be inspected before use.
  • All other tools and equipment will be hired by our preferred hire company.
  • All tools and equipment hired from the “outsource suppliers” will be inspected properly on delivery to make sure they are fit for purpose and have had the essential safety inspections/ checks.

Welfare Facilities:

  • Before work commencing [Organization/Company] will liaise with the Client’s local management for use of toilets and wash facilities.
  • Eatables/meals will be provided by the team/ operatives themselves.

Emergency Arrangements:

  • The exact location of First Aid (FA) arrangements will be required to be provided by the Client before work started.
  • Fire arrangements will need to be provided by Clients before work commences including the location of assembly points, location of fire exits and fire equipment; procedures to follow.
  • More details on [Organization/Company] Emergency Arrangements can be provided in the attached risk assessments and safety arrangements.


  • All work areas will be kept clean and tidy where possible; [Organization/Company] operate a “clean as you go policy”.
  • All tools, equipment and waste will be removed from the site after the job has been completed.
  • Any (non-hazardous) waste will be disposed of using the Client’s facilities or where necessary by the team/operative.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA):

  • A Job Safety Analysis will be required to be carried out.
  • The following sequence of work has been established as guidance from Organization/Company’s safety arrangements, Risk Assessments and Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

The Sequence of Work:

  • Before work commences all Personal Protective Equipment will be put on.
  • Location of work/activities/tasks to be planned well and cleared of obstructions appropriately. Check for any asbestos.
  • A safe working area will be created.
  • Our van/ vehicle is to be directed to the point of unloading ensuring minimal disruption and minimizing lifting/ handling activities.
  • The organization/company’s team and or operative will unload materials if essential, getting help (teamwork strategy) to reduce handling hazards.
  • All equipment, devices and materials are to be kept where they are to be used.
  • Local floor obstructions to be removed.

Dependent on the Work:

Review each risk assessment for the control measures.

On Completion of Work:

All equipment and waste are to be removed from the work area.

Work area to be handed over to the Client’s site management (Project manager/engineer) after work is accomplished.

Use of Equipment:

  • More essential care and safety measures are to be adopted when using tools and equipment.
  • Safety glasses are to be worn to protect the eyes from any flying objects or ultraviolet rays.
  • If working personnel (HE/SHE) have Long hair, then it is recommended to be tied back/loose clothing not to be worn, necklaces and other jewellery to be removed.
  • Skilled, experienced and Competent users are only allowed to use tools and equipment. 
  • While handling tools to and from the vehicle use correct lifting techniques to avoid ergonomically health risks.
  • Make sure to keep fingers and or hands away from mechanical hazards and fatal physical injuries.
  • To minimize the exposure to vibration, take frequent breaks, and use gloves (HAVS).
  • Use of hearing protection to minimize noise exposure.
  • The use of ladders/steps will be done following the work at height risk assessment; ladders located/ positioned correctly; individuals working from them for short periods.

When Working at Height (General):

  • Onsite risk assessment to be conducted appropriately.
  • Construct a safe working area.
  • Check steps/ ladders before use.
  • Use equipment correctly, no overreaching, no standing on the top rung, no sideways force. 
  • Use of crawling boards on the facility’s building roof to get access to the higher-level guttering on the main buildings.

When Working Alone:

  • Communicate intentions with others within the organization/institutions.
  • Mobile phones to be used to keep in contact (remember to keep the battery charged).
  • Confirm safety arrangements with the client before visiting the client's site.
  • Inform co-workers & colleagues of any ill-health or illness that may affect work (eg., COVID-19).
  • Wear PPE were required (as per instructions)
  • When manual handling
  • Where practicable use mechanical aids such as a sack barrow, pump truck etc.
  • Use good handling techniques.
  • If in doubt get help.

Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses:

  • In case of an accident/incident get help and contact a Client’s First Aider personnel.
  • All accidents need to be reported to Clients and [Organization/Company].
  • All property damage needs to be reported to Clients and [Organization/Company].
  • All near misses and hazards (i.e., potential accidents) need to be reported to the Client and [Organization/Company].

Download File

HSE Method Statement for Gutter Cleaning


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