Sunday, August 1, 2021

Excavation & Trench Entry Checklist

To prepare checklist for the Excavation & Trench Entry  inspection, following are some main points:

1. Have all legally required permits to work been accomplished and posted?
2. Do Confined Space Entry requirements apply?
3. Has the soil type been determined per occupational health and safety regulation? 
4. Have proper and essential sloping requirements been determined for safe excavation as per occupational health and safety regulation regulations?
5. What type of worker protection will be in place for workers at entry and egress points?
·      Appropriate sloping as required
·      Shoring
·      Trench Box
·      Other
6. Are ladders:
·       Properly deployed at entry/egress points?
·      Tied off at the top
·      Extend above/over shoring or box by 1metre/3ft
·      Within 8m/26ft of where personnel are working
7. Is the worker entry/egress area clear and free of debris?
8. Will the employee/worker/technician be within the "Control Zone" area at any time (other than entry/egress)?
The “Control Zone " is termed as a lateral distance inside the excavation extending
0.5 x D from the top for firmer soils (1.5 x D for fewer firm soils) of the excavation.  (D = depth of excavation) Provides the same level of protection as at the entry/egress point above
9. If the answer to No.7 is “yes”, what type of worker protection will be used for workers in this Control Zone?
10. If shoring is used, has it been designed by a Professional Engineer, and is a design available on site?
11. Is the shoring system inspected daily (as a minimum)?
12. Is excavation spoil kept > 1 meter from the edge of excavation?
13. Are rescue procedures complete and on-site?
14. Are all workers familiar with rescue procedures?
15. Is a watch person required?
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