Sunday, August 1, 2021

Fire Safety Management (FSM) and Fire Emergency Plan (FEP)

The following Fire Safety Management and Fire Emergency Plan is an example for you to prepare your own organization and or company's FSM &FEP document as per your requirements. for the complete document downloading, just click on the link given at the end of this post:

Fire is a common hazard in any part of the Facility or building’s premises. Its ramification and consequences include the threat to human lives, damage to or loss of property, equipment, costly devices and appliances and severe interruption to general business work tasks or available opportunities. 

Management of the risk of fire needs fires safety measures to consist of a combination of essential and proper prevention and protection measures depending upon the facility’s use and or building’s occupancy, the deep-rooted fire risks and the legal obligations, requirements and implications laid on [company/organization] as the employer, occupier/owner or ‘accountable person’. 

The current fire safety management and fire emergency plan apply to all facility/building (such as commercial, offices, shopping malls, workshops, hospitals, educational institutions) premises/areas which are to any extent under the control of the [company/organization] as the employer, owner or main occupier. Its provisions/needs extend to all persons at those facilities/building’s premises including staff of all levels, visitors and main/sub-contractors whether permanently or temporarily involved. 

Where Facility or building’s premises are jointly occupied or share control of Facility or building’s premises with other employers/occupiers then the arrangements for fire safety and maintenance will be coordinated, communicated and documented. In such Facility or building’s areas, the fire & safety arrangements, preparations, procedures and strategies of the main or host tenants shall apply or local variations agreed by all relevant parties and relevant persons. 

The under-discussion fire and safety management and emergency plan apply to all other staff working on the Facility or building’s premises employed by any other employer. In this situation, other staff will comply with these relevant fire safeties polices and requirements of the [company/organization].   

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Fire Safety Management and Fire Emergency Plan

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