Monday, August 17, 2020

Master Cleaning Schedule (MCS) Form

The importance of a Master Cleaning Schedule (MCS) in the Food Industry?

To maintain and fulfill the Food hygienic, highly housekeeping and cleaning are essential. Cleaning is the most important activity in food manufacturing companies. When any building or facility is kept tidy, it minimizes the risk of bacterial and other biological infestations. A master cleaning schedule includes cleaning of tools, equipment, containers, structures, floors, grounds and detects the locations, areas or equipment to be cleaned, the duration between each cleaning round, and the person(s) accountable for the cleaning and other housekeeping activities and tasks. As it is accomplished, it also becomes a documented proof for the future use and legal justifications in the states or countries where the laws and hygienic safety standards are very strict to follow. Cleaning program can be scheduled for a couple of months in advance or for yearly. To get output in positive and as intended, the Master Cleaning Schedule (MCS) needed should be considered. The Master Cleaning Schedule (MCS) is a checklist based on job completion. Although sanitation principles are regular, application details will different and vary from plant to plant. Tools, equipment, grounds, floors, carpets, drainage system, and walls may be recognize as potential hazards since bacterial and other biological infestations and issues may establish on these surfaces and can contaminate food products.

The Following Key Points Might Include in the Master Cleaning Schedule (MCS):

  1. Dishwasher exterior
  2. Dishwasher interior
  3. Dishwasher descale (check if scaled)
  4. Receiving area surfaces & shelves
  5. Pre-wash basin, spray & taps
  6. Exit table
  7. Drying racks
  8. Shelves for clean items
  9. Table legs and supports
  10. Hard to reach floor areas
  11. General floor areas
  12. Walls
  13. Ceilings (clean if visibly dirty)
  14. Lights (clean if visibly dirty)
  15. Drains

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Master Cleaning Schedule Form

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