Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Thermometer Verification Records & Monthly Thermometer Calibration Forms

Proper record maintenance is an integral part and parcel of thermometer calibration if we are cooking in a smokehouse, dehydrator, or steam cabinet, getting our team in the habit of calibrating thermometers on a continual term and documenting the results is mandatory.

How and When to Calibrate the Temperature?

Generally, as per the HACCP recommendations, calibrating the temperature probes in an industrial oven every day. It may look a bit disturbing, to do this, there’s realistic and good logic. When a temperature probe is detected to be beyond the calibration, all the product we have cooked by utilizing that probe have to be discarded or recalled. If we have calibrated a week ago, a week’s worth of product must be discarded or recalled. If we calibrated a day ago, only 1 days’ worth of product must be discarded or recalled. Calibrating the temperature and product probes in our oven daily just make sense!

The restaurant’s or company’s thermometer probe (s) to emulate and examine the temperature will be calibrated by putting the probe in a crushed ice/water slurry, stirring & electrifying quickly and reading with recording/documenting the temperature. This condition’s temperature should be 32° F, the melting point of ice.  Check if the probe is not 32°F (Fahrenheit), the probe can be set with the help of  a tool to rotate the screw under the rear side of the dial to pin point 32° F when placed in the ice slurry. And then next, put the probe in cooler for 4-5 minutes near the cooler thermometer, allowing time for probe to adjust appropriately. The temperatures positions and conditions of both should be recorded and compared, and note down. The curative initiative must be documented. The detected records must also be analyzed and established.

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Thermometer Verification Records Form

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