Monday, August 17, 2020

Personal Hygiene Checklist Form

The Importance of Personal Hygiene

Proper and Good hygiene weather it is personal or our home, office or worksite is very essential in today’s world for both health and social reasons. All-time keeping clean and tidy of our hands and body is very important in the prevention of the development and spread of illness and infection particularly the current prevailing COVID-19 situation. This uncomplicated habit doesn’t just benefit our health – it can help to protect those around us too.                

Personal hygiene also has its social impacts and benefits. Since an essential and good personal hygiene behavior means caring for our body and washing regularly, it minimizes the chance of body odor which can be disturbing in social situations at home, work or at the office.

What Does Good Personal Hygiene Behavior Could be?

Almost each of us knows that good personal hygiene behavior is essential, but the question is where is a good place to start?  It could be accomplished by following the below mentioned daily routines for us and or family which will help us to stay clean, tidy and fight against any noxious germs and bacterial problems on our body that could lead to illness or unwanted and bad odors.

  1. Hand washing
  2. Dental Care
  3. Bathing/Body
  4. Hygienic Clothes
  5. Nails
  6. Menstrual and genital hygiene

Factors That Can Negatively Impact Hygiene

  • Lack of personal hygienic awareness, poverty and access to clean water can both harm a person’s hygiene. 
  • Instead of physical, a person’s mental health can also affect how they take care of themselves. 
  • Personals who are living with assertive conditions, such as a Psychotic Disorder (PD), severe depression, or use disorder, may find it very difficult to keep up a personal hygiene routine.

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