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Gas Boiler Breakdown Method Statement

1. Main Hazards

  • Fire, explosion, burns, electric shock
  • Asphyxiation from carbon monoxide
  • Electrocution
  • Exposure to asbestos
  • Manual handling

2. Work Equipment

  • Hand tools, power tools, bucket, detection and testing equipment

3. Preventative Measures

  • Operatives are trained and fully competent to carry out the tasks
  • Tools visually inspected before use
  • Circuits are made dead wherever possible and lock off procedures in place
  • Battery or 110V power tools and RCD’s used as required
  • Test for the presence of Co2 using a detector within the installation before commencing work
  • Ensure boiler flue and ensure good ventilation
  • Operatives to view asbestos portal/ information before starting work
  • Operatives have received manual handling training

4. The sequence of Operations for Task

  • Visit the site, book in and gather information appertaining to work to be completed and position of the appliance to be worked on.
  • What the fire procedures are for the site
  • Before commencement of work ensure all aspects of pre-install are in accordance to the boiler manufactures specifications and that consent has been supplied
  • Check the site for chemical hazards including asbestos
  • At the appliance, site assesses any immediate hazards before work commences.
  • Any immediate danger from the surrounding working environment
  • Check for Electrical and Gas isolation points
  • Isolate Unit from the electrical supply
  • Isolate unit from the water supply
  • Disconnect and isolate all water and electrical supplies from the unit before removing the unit from location
  • Remove the unit from the location
  • Utilize existing fittings where practicable
  • Check for invisible underground utility installations by using a proper detector if drilling is required.
  • Carry out work to install the boiler as per the appliance installation and service specifications
  • Procedures are to be done in conjunction with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Act 1998 and subsequent amendments, OFTEC procedures and Approved Codes of Practice
  • On completion of any works reconnect isolated water and electrical supply
  • Ensure all connections and fittings are secure and tight before turning on the water, electrical supply and test following current legislation and standards
  • Turn on water supply with full pressure and visually observe for leaks and if required rectify before proceeding.
  • Turn on electrical supply and ensure the function of the boiler is following the boiler manufacturer’s installation specifications and commissioning instructions
  • Check all tools and clean work area
  • Complete Installation sheet and report to the responsible person to get the job sheet signed.

5. PPE Required

6. Environmental Protection Measures

Dispose of all waste in a designated area or skip provided for waste and follow manufactures instructions

7. Emergency Procedures

First Aid:

  • First Aid box provided on all vehicles
  • Local arrangements for contacting emergency services to be identified
  • Location or nearest hospital A&E must be known
  • In case of serious accident or injury requiring immediate medical attention call 999
  • Always inform the supervisor or H&S Manager of all accidents, incidents and near misses
  • Ensure that accident, incident or near miss is logged


  • Fire extinguisher on all vehicles
  • Only attempt to extinguisher fire if safe to do so
  • Local arrangements for contacting emergency services to be identified
  • Maintain adequate emergency access route in working location at all times

Training & Supervision

  • All staff have received H&S Induction training
  • All Operatives are supervised
  • All Gas operatives are Gas Safe Registered

Machinery Shutdown or Lock Off Procedure

  • As per site scope of work requirements

8. Safety of Other Contractors or Members of the Public

  • Ensure that other contractors are aware of hazards present
  • Ensure that the work area is secured
  • No works will be left in a dangerous condition or with risk to themselves, contractors, tenants or members of the public
  • All tools and equipment will be securely stored or removed from the site at the end of each working day

9. Refilling Procedure of Plant Machinery or Equipment

  • As per site scope of work requirements

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Gas Boiler Breakdown Method Statement

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