Friday, August 7, 2020

Equipment and Tool Handover Take over Form

Equipment and Tool Handover Take over form is a document that is designed to keep the record within organization who are about to leave their jobs, either temporarily or permanently, to assist their successor to carry out their duties and or at the mobilization of work at the start or during the project. Any employee who is about to leave his/her position permanently is needed to use and fill the Handover form. The employees are required to complete this form even they are leaving their position to assume new duties within the same company. Particularly, in both short or long term absence, it is strongly advised that the employees shall agree with the project engineer or supervisor on whether a Handover Form should be written and if so how detailed it requires to be. An employee who was temporarily covering the functions due to a colleague’s absence shall also document a Handover form to ensure a smooth transition back. 

The Handover form shall be decided to complete before one week the employees leave their position or responsibility. This type of form procedure can be sent after filling by official e-mail also.  If the replacement employee has not yet been appointed, the leaving staff should leave a handover form with his/her project engineer or supervisor.  When employees assume duties at new positions, they should request a Handover form from their predecessors, if one was not received already.   
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