Friday, August 14, 2020

Fire Pump Daily Inspection Checklist

To Prepare the Fire Pump Daily Inspection Checklist, the Following Points are Important:

  1. Heat in the pump room is 40°F (4.4°C) or higher
  2. Intake air louvres in the pump room appear operational
  3. Pump suction, discharge, and bypass valves are open
  4. No piping or hoses leak
  5. Fire pump (FP) leaking one drop of water per second at seals
  6. Suction line pressure is normal
  7. System line pressure is normal
  8. The suction reservoir is full
  9. Controller pilot light (power on) is illuminated
  10. Transfer switch normal power light is illuminated
  11. Isolating switch for standby power is closed
  12. The reverse-phase alarm light is not illuminated
  13. Normal-phase rotation light is illuminated
  14. Oil level in the vertical motor sight glass is normal
  15. The diesel fuel tank is at least  2/3 full
  16. The controller selector switch is in "auto" position
  17. Voltage readings for batteries (2) are normal
  18. Charging current readings are normal for batteries
  19. The Pilot lights for batteries are on or battery failure pilot lights are "off '
  20. All alarm pilot lights are "off"
  21. Record engine running time from the meter
  22. Oil level is normal in right-angle gear-drive pumps
  23. Crankcase oil level is normal
  24. The cooling water level is normal
  25. The electrolyte level in batteries is normal
  26. Battery terminals are free of corrosion
  27. Water-jacket heater is operational
  28. For steam-driven pumps, steam pressure is normal
  29. Examine exhaust system for leaks
  30. Check lube oil heater for operation (diesel pumps)
  31. Drain condensate trap of the cooling system
  32. Check for water in the diesel fuel tank

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Fire Pump Daily Inspection Checklist


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