Friday, August 14, 2020

Portable Ladder Inspection Checklist

General Items Inspection

  1. Side rails in good condition
  2. Steps or rungs do not lose or damage
  3. Spreader braces not damaged and open fully
  4. Nails, screws, bolts not missing or damaged
  5. Ladder free from oil, grease, or slippery materials
  6. Manufacturer’s labels, warnings, and ratings posted
  7. Movable parts operate freely
  8. Wooden parts free from splinters, cracks, decay
  9. Non-slip feet not damaged and in good condition
  10. Ladder stored properly to prevent damage

Step Ladders Inspection

  1. A stepladder is not wobbly and loose
  2. Paint shelf not damaged or missing
  3. Hinges do not lose or damage
  4. The ladder does not exceed 20 feet in height

Extension Ladders

  1. Loose, broken, or missing extension locks
  2. Locks seat properly when the ladder is extended
  3. Pulley, rung locks, and rope are in good condition
  4. Single Section Ladders (SSL) do not exceed 30' in length
  5. TSL does not exceed 48” in the length of metal ladders and 60' for wood ladders
  6. Other Comments, if you want to add following, otherwise remove.

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Portable Ladder Inspection Checklist

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