Saturday, June 25, 2022

Fall from Heights Emergency Rescue Plan

A Standby Person or Rescuer shall be required while persons are working at heights under working at heights. Accidental and unplanned rescue operations from height can turn into fatal human injury or death. Leaving a worker who is working at height suspended in a full-body harness can result in fatal physical injuries and or death. If a fall from heights has occurred, the Standby or Rescue Person shall ensure the following steps are undertaken:

  1. Notify your company/organization's Communications Officer of the event, including giving the following information: Gender - Male or female,  Age, Weight, Known problems from the fall e.g. broken leg, conscious, unconscious, equipment damaged, Amount of time suspended so far…
  2. The Communications Officer shall in turn relay this information to [YOUR COMPANY NAME] Emergency Services.
  3. The Standby and or rescuer person shall trigger and institute Verbal Contact with the fall victim as soon as practicable to evaluate and assess consciousness, reassure and ask whether the fallen victim and or can “Self Rescue” by providing enough and essential equipment is available to them and have been trained to do so.
  4. The Standby Person or Rescuer shall consider whether self-rescue is possible considering other factors such as is the equipment visibly damaged.
  5. If self-rescue is not possible – promptly and quickly set up the stand-by rescue equipment on hand.
  6. Rescue if safe to do so – if not safe, do not put other lives at risk and wait for Emergency Services to arrive.
  7. Leave the rescue equipment in place that you have set up, as the Emergency Services may be able to utilize some of your equipment, device, and technique and save time by not setting theirs up.
  8. Provide and assist where needed when asked by emergency rescue services eg, 911/999, etc. 

Fall from Heights Emergency Rescue Plan 

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