Saturday, June 25, 2022


As you know, Google Local, also called Google Places, is being used more and more, and therefore, for many businesses with a specific location, it is much more important to be well established and positioned for these local Google searches and search engines.

Presently, every business owner, seller, or buyer who is going to make a purchase or sell in a local business that they are not well aware, generally opens his web browser and inserts his required details in it and makes a search in the search engines promptly, either to consult expert opinions, see the location, check the telephone number, etc... therefore, we cannot stop aside all this traffic for our business.

Every time a local search is done, a mix of organic results, organic results based on location, and Google+ Local results are made in the Google SERPs.

Here are 5 tips to improve SEO in your Google+ Local campaigns that will give you a competitive advantage over your competition's local businesses:

1. Complete your profile 100%

It may look clear, but the reality is that there is a variety of local profiles that only have 50% accomplished. Google usually gives preference to profiles that are 100% covered, thereby providing you with as much information as possible, and in turn Google provides the best possible user experience.

Google also takes into account the opening hours of your local business, for example, if your business is open during the time period in which the search is made. If the opening hours are not filled in on your Google+ Local profile, you may be left out of search results. Don't forget the photos and videos that, in addition to giving you more relevance, will help you differentiate yourself and stand out from other businesses.

2. Keep your name, address, and phone

You have to keep this in all the local sites and directories where you have to put your name, address, and telephone number, and you have to try to make these three factors the same in all of them. If you have a local phone and a company phone, always use one of the two in all the directories, but always the same... if you are on Calle Santa Susana, always write Calle Santa Susana, not "Santa Susana" in some others “Sta Susana” (to give an example)

I would also recommend using the name, address, and telephone number in the footer or sidebar visible on all the pages of your website with schema structured data.

3. Use all relevant Google+ Local categories

Google does not allow custom categories, so you have to choose the ones that Google+ shows you by default, so try to choose all the categories that are related to your work, physical or e-commerce business, since it is one of the methods and techniques that Google+ Local uses to categorize accordingly your businesses and show them in the search results.

4. Get REAL reviews

When I say that you get real reviews... they are real reviews, not the reviews of your family and friends, but reviews of your real clients, and to be able to be really happy clients, since the reviews, in addition to being a local positioning factor, it is also an important factor in the user's purchase decision.

Therefore try and get those real reviews, for this you need to manipulate (and we are able to write about it), however, a great method is to encourage the customer to write them, emphasize the advantageous opinions, "praise" the clients who accomplish that, and many others.

5. Add a Google Local map of your business on your website

For instance, on the Contact or Location page, add a Google Local map ingrained and installed with the Html code given by Google.

To try this you have to look for your business on Google maps, and at the bottom proper, wherein there's a little wheel, click on to open the drop-down and choose "Share and insert map", and then choose the option to embed on your website with the Html code that Google shows you... it seems silly, but it is a recommendation that I make to you.


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