Thursday, July 8, 2021

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Installation Inspection Checklist

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Prior installing or testing variable frequency drive (VFD), our employees will ensure that they:

  1. Check for external shipping damage and internal connection and mounting screws for tightness.
  2. Verify base attachments, channels, anchor bolts, etc. are mounted as per project approved drawings.
  3. Check that VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Installation Inspection Checklist and components are by following the project IFC (Issued for Construction) drawings and manufacturers specifications.
  4. Verify test certifications as per your business where exist marking (or equivalent).
  5. Record and verify nameplate data by following the projects approved drawings.
  6. Visually inspect to make sure all blocking has been removed from shipping.

Verification of the Installation:

  1. Verify that continuity testing has been conducted.
  2. Check that all conductors are labelled and identified.
  3. Check all grounding/bonding is by the following code and approved drawings.
  4. Check that termination is complete and verified by following the project IFC (Issued for Construction) drawings.
  5. Check for proper support and spacing for conductors.
  6. Check for loose terminals.
  7. Perform a pull-tug test on terminations.
  8. Manually operate switches and contactors.  check for freedom of movement of all moving parts of the devices/equipments.
  9. Verify all equipment is tagged by following the project IFC (Issued for Construction) drawings. /Specifications.
  10. Verify that space heaters are connected and operable (when applicable)
  11. The overload reset button is free and functional
  12. Check all terminations on dynamic braking resistor
  13. Verify VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Installation Inspection Checklist programming has been completed to project specifications.
  14. Check for cleanliness.

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