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Golf/Club Car/Cart Training PPT

The purpose of this PowerPoint is to:

  • Help to make sure the safe operation of [Company Name] owned Club Cart (Buggy) at Facility/Site.
  • Help to make sure the safety of drivers and passengers.

The Difference Between Cars and Carts:

  • Carts roll easier
  • Carts always operate near pedestrians.
  • Carts run silently
  • Other motor vehicles have the right-of-way.

Club /Gulf Carts vs. Cars:

  • The Center of gravity is lower than most vehicles.
  • The speed limit is much lower
  • In a collision, the gulf cart/car will always lose.

Basic Golf Cart Guidelines:

  • Golf Carts/cars should only be used for the activity they were appointed for
  • Joyriding is not permitted.
  • Horseplay put in dangers to passengers and pedestrians and will not be tolerated.
  • Club carts must be driven safely at all times.

Where/When you can Drive:

  • Do not drive across the grass or on any trails.
  • Do not drive in pedestrian zones unless authorized for such utilization.
  • Club carts without headlights shall not be driven after dusk or before dawn.

Speed Limits:

  • Always maintain a safe speed at all times.
  • Avoid making any sharp turns.
  • Always drive the club car at a speed equivalent to a well-paced walk and no faster than 15 mph/as per faculty Req, where speedometers are present to indicate speed.

Maximum speed is subject to:

  • The area over which it is being operated.
  • The weather conditions.
  • The total weight of gulf club car/cart, passengers and any other equipment being carried.
  • The parking lot speed limit is 5 mph/as per faculty Req.

Information for Drivers:

  • Motorized utility vehicle operators shall observe all Site/facility or campus rules and State/country’s vehicle traffic laws such as lane travel, stop signs etc.
  • You must always abide by traffic signs and symbols.
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way.
  • You must obey site/facility speed limits.
  • All Club Car/carts vehicles will be operated from the driver’s side only.

Before you Drive:

Do a pre-trip check.

  • Always conduct a visual check of the gulf cart before driving.
  • Make a comprehensive review how the vehicle operates before you turn it on.
  • Know your vehicle.
  • If something is broken or damaged, don’t use it until it’s fixed!
  • If you are not well aware with where you are going, check a Facility map before you get started (the next slide provides a suggested route for Facility/Site golf carts).

While Driving the Vehicle….


  • Keeping hands, legs and feet inside the club car while operating or when it is in motion.
  • Slowing down and be cautious in high pedestrian areas.
  • Checking blind spots and slowing down before turning and sounding horns.
  • Observe in all directions before. Confirming that there are no person, pedestrians or objects behind the club car.
  • Maintaining adequate distance between vehicles.
  • Following the route plan as per operation in Site.
  • Remove keys when not in operation.
  • Parking the vehicle in the located area.
  • Wait until all passengers are safely descended from the gold cart before moving.
  • Keep distractions minimal at all times.


  • Do not use mobile phones whilst operating golf carts.
  • Do not speed than the allocated speed limit.
  • Stopping the club car in undesignated loading/unloading areas.
  • Do not overload the golf cart, always refer to the passenger captivity rating.
  • Not securing the load before operating the club car.
  • Unloading of passengers while the club car is still in motion.
  • Overtaking another club car.
  • When there are Passengers:
  • When your club car/cart has passengers, materials or other objects the weight distribution increases and stopping distance is increased: Go slow!

When there are Pedestrians:

  • Pedestrians have the right of way.
  • If the club car/cart is being operated on a sidewalk. 
  • The driver will pull off of the sidewalk to pass the pedestrians. 
  • Stop/halt the club car/cart when approaching pedestrians until they pass.

Make sure to…

  • Always tie down your load on club car/cart.
  • Always apply your break once you get to your destination.
  • After loading, always double check and verify to see if all four wheels are touching the ground.


  • Vehicle defects/damages or another technical malfunction should be reported immediately to the department owning/renting the vehicle.
  • The vehicle shall not be used until malfunction or problem has been corrected.
  • Students shall not repair vehicles.


If you are involved in an incident and or accident, immediately report to your site supervisor or HSE department and accomplish an employee accident report.


  • Know and plan where you’re going.
  • Drive at a safe speed.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Use the club cart properly (no horsing around)!

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