Sunday, July 11, 2021

Annunciator Installation Checklist

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Instructions for the Employees:

Prior making an installation and or testation for annunciators, employees shall make sure that they:

  1. Make a comprehensive Inspection for shipping damage, lose or missing parts.
  2. Record and verify nameplate data are in accordance with the projects approved drawings.
  3. Check annunciator voltage as compared to projects ifc drawings and manufacturer’s specifications.

Verification for the Annunciator Installation:

  1. Make sure that the proper support and mounting hardware is utilized by the manufacturer’s specification.
  2. Ensure holes are plugged and all covers are installed.
  3. Ensure proper grounding in accordance with approved drawings and manufacturer’s specifications.
  4. Check that relays and lamps are installed.
  5. Make a verification that continuity testing has been conducted. 
  6. Check that termination is complete and verified in accordance with the projects ifc drawings & manufacturer’s specs.
  7. Check all conductors are labeled and identified.
  8. Make sure that the proper pull tow method completed after termination.
  9. Check window identification against drawings.
  10. Make a verification for test lamp control for all windows.
  11. Make a verification for reset control.
  12. Function tests for all Alarm Points (AP) to correspond with annunciators’ indicators.
  13. Make a verification for alarm sirens and sound levels as required in areas.
  14. Make a verification for the Alarm System Lights (ASL) or beacons.
  15. Check for cleanliness.

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