Thursday, June 24, 2021

Swimming Pools Daily Safety Inspection Checklist

1. Pool 

  1. Is the water clear?
  2. Are skimmer gutters and gratings kept tidy, clean and free from algae slime and scum marks?
  3. Are pressure gauges installed and to filters and working properly?
  4. Are filter traps clear and appropriately guarded and secured to prevent injury to users?
  5. Is the swimming pool require repair or maintenance?
  6. Are ladders/ramps/hydraulic lifts in good condition?
  7. Is the depth of the pool prominently and marked - at least 100 mm in size?

2. Fire Safety and Emergency Response

  1. Are Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental rules, emergency information and evacuation routes prominently displayed? For example, an emergency plan
  2. Is the Fire Alarm System (FAS) in working order and can the alarm be heard in this area?
  3. Is an approved first aid kit readily available and fully stocked?
  4. Is a resuscitation chart visible?
  5. Are Fire controlling system such as fire hoses/extinguishers in place, clearly marked and have they been serviced in the past 6 months?
  6. Is the area around the hose/extinguisher clear for a 1-meter radius?
  7. Are emergency fire exits signposted properly, unlocked, not blocked and can they be easily opened?

3. Management Procedures 

  1. Are safe operating procedures displayed with all potentially hazardous equipment? E.g.
  2. Is the following personal protective equipment available for the pool operator? (All must be present)
  3. Chemical goggles or full-face shield
  • Elbow-length impervious gloves
  • Appropriate respirator
  • Full-length apron

4. Pool Surrounds 

  1. Is the area clean and tidy?
  2. Are floor surfaces non-slip, unbroken and maintained in a safe condition?
  3. Are steps/stairs/ramps in a safe condition with non-slip surface, and secure handrails where needed?
  4. Are doors, gates, fences, locks and latches in good condition and working order?
  5. Do gates close automatically?
  6. Are plants and trees safe, non-toxic and in good condition?
  7. Is the area adequately shaded?

5. Storage

  1. Is flammable material stored and handled safely?
  2. Are required resources such as pool toys and equipment stored safely? (e.g., separate from hazardous substances)
  3. Are free standing shelves/cupboards secured to the wall/floor to ensure stability?
  4. Are storage areas labelled appropriately?
  5. Are waste containers easily available and labelled appropriately?

6. Hazardous Substances  

  1. Are chlorine and acids, including empty containers stored in separate and isolated secure locations? 
  2. Is there an up-to-date register/stock control sheet to detail storage, handling requirements?
  3. Are current (within 5 years) safety data sheets readily available for
  4. hazardous substances?
  5. Are hazardous substances stored and labelled appropriately?
  6. Are containers of acid stored in a bunded area?
  7. Test eyewash and emergency shower to confirm they are in good working order
  8. Are no smoking signs displayed where chemicals are stored or prepared?

7. Electrical 

  1. Does electrical equipment, devices or appliances have a current test tag? For example, within the last 6 months
  2. Does the area have Residual Current Device (RCD) protection to avoid any serious asset’s damage?
  3. Are electrical equipment and portable power tools in good condition?

  • No broken plugs, sockets or switches
  • No frayed or damaged leads
  • No exposed wires
  • Are temporary leads adequately protected (e.g., cover) or hung?

8. Plant

  1. Are manuals and SOPs available for operating equipment and machinery?
  2. Are the moving parts of all machinery and equipment guarded following the regulations?
  3. Are all machines, equipment and devices fitted with the proper safety signs?

9. Toilets

  1. Are toilet facilities clean and in good condition?
  2. Are items available to maintain appropriate levels of hygiene?

10. Change Room

  1. Are the rooms clean and in good condition?
  2. Are hooks or other items hazardous?
  3. Are floors dry and well-drained after use?
  4. Are all sinks, drains and toilets operating satisfactorily?

11. General

  1. Is all furniture safe, clean and kept in good condition?
  2. Are isolation valves readily accessible and labelled?

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