Thursday, June 10, 2021

Personal rotective Equipment Checklist


  1. Is PPE provided, used and maintained properly when required?
  2. Are (PPE) protective glasses, face shields are used where there is a danger of flying particles, objects or corrosive materials/substance splash?
  3. Are various PPE such as protective gloves, aprons, shields are provided and used to prevent cuts and corrosive liquid or chemical splash injuries to the workers?
  4. Are safety helmets provided and worn where there is a danger of falling objects or while working on height?
  5. Are employees/workforce appropriately trained in the selection and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and protective clothing?
  6. Is appropriate and essential foot protection provided and used where there is a high risk of physical injuries (foot injuries) from hot, corrosive substances/chemicals or falling objects or crushing or penetrating actions?
  7. Is hearing protection provided and use when noise levels exceed International recommended noise standards?

Respiratory Protection 

  1. Is appropriate and essential respiratory protection provided and used when needed?
  2. Do you have a proper written respiratory protection mechanism and program?
  3. Do you have updated and well explained written procedures and recommendations for the selection, use and maintenance of respirators?
  4. Are employees/workforce/technicians properly and regularly instructed and trained in the limitations, proper use and care of respirators being used?
  5. Are respirators cleaned, disinfected and inspected properly and essentially after each use?
  6. Is the proper respirator used for the critical and fatal hazard present for the prevention of acute or chronic ill-health?
  7. Are respirators stored in an easily accessible, clean, tidy and sanitary location?
  8. Are emergency use respirators inspected monthly regularly by the competent concerned and accountable personals and are records of monthly inspections kept?
  9. Are users of negative pressure respirators fit tested?
  10. Are respirator users given periodic physical examinations?

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