Thursday, June 10, 2021

Hazards Communication Program Checklist

Some key and essential points to prepare a hazard communication program's checklist is as follow, and where you can download complete HSE documents in free of charges.:

  1. Do you have an inventory of all hazardous materials/ substances used in your workplace/warehouse?
  2. Is there a written hazard communication system/mechanism or program that covers Safety Data Sheets (SDS) appropriately and essentially?
  3. labeling and employee training?
  4. Is there a Safety Data Sheets (SDS) readily available for each hazardous substance/chemical used?
  5. Is there an employee/workforce HSE training program for hazardous substances/Chemicals?
  6. Does the employee training program include?

  • An explanation of what a Safety Data Sheets (SDS) is and how to use and obtain it?
  • The physical and health hazards of substances and or chemicals in the worksites, and specific protective measures to be used?
  • Employee access to the employer’s written hazard communication program and where hazardous substances and or chemicals are present in their worksites areas?
  • An apparently and clear explanation of the “Right to Know” standards?
  • Details of the hazard communication system and or program, including how to use the labeling system and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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