Sunday, February 7, 2021

Method Statement for Floor Cleaning & Dust Controlling

Scope of Work-Dust Controlling

Equipment Required

  • Dustpan and Brush.
  • Dust Control System Floor Cloth/Mop.
  • Gloves.
  • Scraper.
  • Dust Control System Applicator Tool, for example, Static Mop/Impregnated Mop.
  • Warning Signs.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • OHS Policy for guidance on all cleaning processes, colour- coding, equipment, protective clothing, fluids and methods.
  • Several floor cloths should be used for the ward, clean cloth for each bed area.
  • Never use a sweeping brush in a patient area.
  • All equipment should be left clean, dry and tidy in the storage area after use.


  1. Wash hands- and put-on gloves.
  2. Display the OHS warning signs in the area, making sure that all signs are properly visible.
  3. Attach the floor mop to the Dust Control Tool (DCT).
  4. Pick up all large items of litter, for example, crisp packets, tissues.
  5. Use a scraper to remove any chewing gum from the floors.
  6. Starting with the edges, dust the area properly utilizing an overlapping figure-of-eight (8) pattern.
  7. Dust from the remotest point and work towards the door.
  8. When the floor cloth is full of dust contamination, remove and dispose of.
  9. Replace with a new floor cloth/mop and resume the process.
  10. Always use a dustpan and brush to remove remaining particles.
  11. Dispose of the cloth when the task is accomplished.
  12. After use, all cleaning and dusting equipment and devices should be checked, cleaned, dried and returned to the storage area.
  13. Remove gloves and wash and sanitize hands.

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Method Statement for Floor Cleaning- & Dust Controlling 

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