Tuesday, January 5, 2021

What is a Scaffold Tag? and Remember Do's & Don’ts

What is a Scaffold Tag?

Scaffolding tags are used to protect the lives of those workers who are involved in the activities accomplishment and required scaffold platform. It rectifies/identifies if a scaffold structure is safe or unsafe o conduct the activity. All procedures such as Inspection and tagging of the scaffold are to be conducted and carried out by a competent person experienced and license holder in the erection of the scaffold structures.


  1. Do proper a health and safety check before using any scaffold.
  2. Do not use a scaffold if there is no scaffold tag placed.
  3. Do not climb up or down the scaffold or enter the scaffold from an unauthorized and or unapproved access point.
  4. Do use the ladders or stairs.
  5. Do not climb or shimmy along with the scaffolding steelwork.
  6. Do work off a fully boarded lift with full guard rails and toe boards in place.
  7. Do not use to climbing standards, transoms below foot level, or ledgers/transoms which have not been completely secured and not secure to use, or on to any type of bracing installation. 
  8. Do clip on to: 
  9. Any point along with a fully fastened ledger above head level, 
  10. A completely fastened guardrail mechanism at waist level where the scaffolding is at least one lift above where the scaffold is operating, 
  11. To the transom in the lift above if fixed at both ends,
  12. On the ledger supporting the platform where the scaffold is working (only if the above 4 are not conceivable).
  13. Do tie off using your Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS). 
  14. Do not remove any ties or bracing, if they require moving consult with an advanced scaffolder/Site manager.
  15. Do have a daily briefing with all users of a scaffold before new or on-going work continues or starts. 


  1. Do not use makeshift platforms. Use the right type of scaffolding boards & planks and bearers/transoms etc. 
  2. Do know the safe working limits for the type and nature of scaffolding you are building.
  3. Do not overload any scaffold or loading bay. Know the correct loading of boards, equipment and loading bays. (Light Duty 1.5 Kilonewtons (kN), General Duty 2.0 Kilonewtons (kN), Heavy Duty 2.5 Kilonewtons (kN) /sqm.)
  4. Do see your supervisor if braces are in the way or have to be moved or changed.
  5. Do not remove boards, handrails or ladders from the scaffolding structure; contact the scaffolds (always keel the integrity of the structure).
  6. Do ensure materials are stacked correctly and cannot fall. Stack at the return end or corner sections of walkways.
  7. Do not remove warning signs & tags from scaffolds unless it has been accomplished.
  8. Do remove signs and tags when required i.e. scaffold unsafe to use. After the scaffolding hand over. 
  9. Do not throw, drop, bomb or tip materials from any height. 

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