Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Non Conformance Report Form (NCR)

The project worksite supervisors, engineers shall download this “Non-Compliance Report Form” edit as per their requirements, complete the attached Non-Conformance Report form where areas of non-conformance are identified or particular Class 1 or Class 2 risks highlighted as a result of HSE inspections of Sub-Contractor operations undertaken by main contractors.

The Non-Conformance Report form should be released following consultation with the Main-Contractor Representative and a scheduled time frame should be mentioned on this NCR form for the rectification of severe issues.

The NCR should be signed by the Health and Safety in charge and Contractor Representative (that could be specific or site supervisor) and actioned within the targeted timeframe.  Where the Sub-Contractor does not rectify the issue within the scheduled timeframe, a second Non-Conformance report (NCR) may be submitted/issued or The Health and Safety responsible personal consider suspension or termination of the activity if the issue is of sufficient significance.

Use the following NCR format in Word editable version and make changes as per your requirements:

Download File

Non Conformance Report Form (NCR)

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