Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Risk Assessment for Laying of Pipes

Hazard Identification and Foreseeable Risks

1.       Entrapment due to fall/ roll of pipe.

2.       Operators direct field of vision obscured by load leading to contact with other

3.       persons or plant.

4.       Failure of lifting equipment.

5.       Inadequate supervision.

6.       Untrained Operatives

7.       Use of mobile phones by operators.

8.       Displacement of load

9.       Person being struck by suspended pipe causing serious injury of harm.

10.   Defective and broken skids causing crushing of limbs of entrapment of body parts.

11.   Manual Handling.

Control Measures

1.       Operator trained to the Approved CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) standard as per the

2.       Construction Regulations.

3.       Vehicles should never be overloaded. Loads should be equally distributed, secured and not protruding, tilting beyond the sides or back of the vehicle.

4.       Reverse beeper, flashing beacon, CCTV and or mirrors fitted

5.       Defective skids removed immediately from the line.

6.       Heavy duty gloves to be worn by operatives handling skids.

7.       All engines guards and covers to be in position and secured.

8.       Windows, lights, mirrors and camera lens to be kept clean at all times

9.       The cab floor to be kept clean and free from any obstacles which may affect the safe operation of the Machine.

10.   Ground workers to wear Hi Visibility Vests at all times and Hard-Hats.

11.   Warning signs will be erected to alert pedestrians of Unloading/Loading Operations.

12.   Traffic management must be in place where loading/unloading is being carried out on public roads.

13.   Loads to be tipped only on suitably level ground to prevent overturning of skip.

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