Thursday, October 29, 2020

How to Make Calculation for Accident Frequency Rate?

Frequency Rate Calculation:

The frequency rate used to compare accident & injury statistics either with is a company or with an industry:

FR:                               No of disabling injuries x 200 000


                                 Total man hours worked (hours of exposure)

For example, a company operating 6 sites or contracts which has 5 disabling injuries in a total of 1250000-man hours during a period would have frequency rate of:

5 x 200000 =  or   No. of accident x 10’6


Total man hours worked = Answer   0.8

Regular use of this formula will show whether or not a company own accident situation is getting better or worse.

Reportable Accident (RA): Lost Time Accident which is reported to the inspectorate of factories (factory inspector). If victim does not report duty within 48 hours.

Restricted Work Case (RWC): An injury which results in a person being unable to perform one or more of the routine functions of their job.

First Aid Case (FAC): Any one-time treatment and subsequent observation of minor scratches, cuts, burns, needling etc. which do not ordinarily need medical treatment.

Fatal accident reports should be submitting within 8 hours.

Dangerous Occurrence (DO): A particular event that has to be reported to the relevant authority by statute law.

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How to Make Calculation for Accident Frequency Rate? 

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