Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Demolition Safety-Preparatory Operations

Toolbox Talks-Overview

Starting any demolition job, we should take several steps to safeguard the health and safety of our employees. Taking down construction projects can be far more fatal than putting them up. OSHA demands that before we start the operation, our competent person must accomplish an engineering survey of the structure.  

Scope of Discussion

An engineering survey provides our supervisors with the opportunity to evaluate the job in its accomplishment. The precautionary operations include the overall planning of the job, including the methods for bringing down the structure, the equipment or device needed, and the measures to be taken to perform the work safely, including the protection of the employees and public.

The safety of all employees on the worksite should be the basic consideration. Potential hazards such as fires, cave-ins, and physical injuries are the primary targets for engineering surveys.

OSHA for sees the below questions to be answered before the actual demolition Starts:

  1. Has extreme fire, heavy flooding, explosion or other cause deteriorated the structure?  If so, are deadly/critically walls or floors reinforced?
  2. Have any hazardous chemical, gases, explosives, flammable material, or similar dangerous substances been utilized or stored on the worksite?  If so, have samples been taken and analyzed before demolition?
  3. Is the proper safety equipment available?
  4. Are all utilities including electricity, gas, water, steam, sewer, and other service lines shut off, capped or otherwise controlled?  Do we know the exact location of utilities that must be kept on during demolition?  Do we know where overhead lines are situated?
  5. Are we familiar with and has our company planned for all provisions of OSHA’s requirements for medical services and first aid?
  6. Does our company have an Emergency Action Plan for fires, and do we know our assignment?  Do we know the evacuation plan and emergency route?
  7. Are all debris drop points guarded by barricades and warning signs?

Demolition worksites are critical, so give yourself and your co-workers all the support and know-how possible to accomplish the project without critical incident or accidents occurrences. Get workers/employees involved in the basic operations, and review all near misses and close calls immediately.

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