Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Project Construction Completion Certificate (PCCC)

What is a Work Completion Certificate?

Any project starts with the leasing or establishment of some contract service. As at the starting of any project, a comprehensive contract is signed to formally launch work, at the end of a project, a work completion certificate is issued. A work completion certificate by law pinpoints the outcome of a contract and once this comprehensive and mandatory documented procedure (contract) is issued, the contracted party cannot be accountable to do any other work activity associated to the project. Work Completion Certificates (WCC) hints that specific work was accomplished on a particular date (as per the contract signed between both parties) and that the work conducted and completed with the agreed-upon terms and quality of work. 

Which Party Issued the Work Completion Certificate (WCC)?

Mostly and by law, Work Completion Certificate (WCC) is issued by the party who hired a worker/employee, team or firm. These completion certificates are generally utilized in worksites to officially end a mutual contract. Work Completion Certificate (WCC) is a legal document procedure and accepting this completion certificate mostly means that the receiver of the completion certificate is no more answerable/accountable to the contracting party in terms of supplementary work or any other issue that may appear after the issuance of this work completion certificate.

When this Work Completion Certificate (WCC) Must be Issued?

Such Project Completion Certificates (PCCC) must be issued after the close, critical and technical evaluation of the each contracted work and with keeping in mind the most essential and required formality that is its quality of work. The review and evaluation must be conducted jointly by the human resource team along with the project engineer or supervisor in charge of this certificate bear the accountability of matching completed tasks matching with the initial contract. 

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What is Project Work Completion Certificate-Article?

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