Thursday, August 6, 2020

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Checklist

In case of LEV maintenance, the following key points must be followed:

1. Are Facility employees/staff enough trained in the use of the Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system?
2. Do you/we ensure that the below main key points are properly checked:
  • The filters in the extracting unit and that they are replaced when required?
  • The LEV’s duct work for hints of deterioration or leaks?
  • The drive belt tension of any belt-driven units?
  • The lubrication conditions for fan and motor bearings?
  • The warning beeps (alarms) on any airflow sensors?
  • The interior space areas within the ELV’s machines are free from any dust accumulation?
3. Do we have formal measures for the regular and proper cleaning of the work area in which the sand, dust or fume generating processes happened?
4. Are we utilizing the manufacturer’s recommended design of dust bags on the extracting unit?
5. Are the housekeeping or MEP staff properly trained in the disposal procedures for the dust collection bags?
6. Do we have a proper methodology in place for the waste disposal of dust collection bags?
7. Do we have enough available stocks of replacement filters and dust collection bags?
8. Have staff is properly inducted and trained on the importance of reporting any technical fault?
9. Do we keep an authentic record of any technical malfunction and corrective work conducted on the LEV System?
10. Have we set up proper document procedure for holding the results of the tests conducted under the Control of chemicals/substances Hazardous to Health Regulations of the state where we run our business?
11. Have we taken out an MEP agreement for the Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system?
12. If yes, does this MEP agreement guarantee a response time which will reduce the impact upon our work schedule?
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