Tuesday, August 4, 2020

JSA-Bituminous Coating of Concrete Foundations

Job Safety Analysis

Job Steps:

  1. Mobilization of Chemicals on site
  2. Bituminous coating of concrete foundations  

Equipment / Tools

Hand Tools

Emergency Plans 

Standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s):

First aid box must always be in place at work site and the HSE personnel will be the first response in case of any emergency situation, ERPs & Emergency contact numbers to be in placed at job location.

1. Mobilization of Chemicals on Site

A.      Potential Hazards

  • Mishandling of chemicals
  • Manual handling
  • Chemicals with no proper containment
  • Highly flammable/combustible

B.      Hazard Controls

  • Deliver awareness to workers about chemicals handling
  • Ensure careful handling/storage of chemicals
  • Always use vehicle or other moving devices/tools while transportation of chemicals & substances on worksite
  • Ensure use of appropriate PPE’s
  • All chemicals should in proper containment with its labeling
  • Place fire extinguisher at site

2. Bituminous Coating of Concrete Foundations  

A.      Potential Hazards
  • In contact with chemicals
  •  Fire/explosion
  •  Improper storage on site
  • Spillage
  • Awkward access (slip, trip)
B.      Hazards Controls
  • Ensure use of appropriate PPE’s
  • Remove combustible material from site, secure loose objects at platform
  • Store chemicals at ventilated places
  • Do not keep chemicals un-attendant
  • Always keep access/egress always clear from any kind of obstructions/blockages
  • Ensure availability of fresh water on site
  • Disposed of empty cans properly  

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JSA-Bituminous Coating of Concrete Foundations

JSA-Bituminous Coating of Concrete Foundations-Article

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