Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Daily Site HSE Inspection Checklist

The Following Key Points Essentially be Included While Preparing Worksite Inspection Checklist:

  1. Are warning signs, HSE policy and HSE instructions adequately displayed?           
  2. Is a facility for HSE induction available and records being maintained?           
  3. Is the use of personal protection gears such as safety helmet, safety footwear, safety goggle and safety harness apparent?           
  4. Is the condition of scaffolding, ladders and work forms satisfactory?           
  5. Are openings and other potential fall points properly protected or barricaded with safety tapes and marked?           
  6. Are earth circuit leakage circuit breakers (ELCBs)installed (if required)           
  7. Are electric equipment earthed properly?           
  8. Are distribution and switchboards properly insulated?           
  9. Are electric connections properly and without bare conductors visible?           
  10. Is the condition of cables satisfactory?           
  11. Are combustible and flammable materials properly stocked to prevent fire hazards?           
  12. Is housekeeping on-site being taken care of?           
  13. Are first-aid room adequately equipped and medic available?           
  14. Are the maintenance records of machinery and equipment available?           
  15. Are lifting equipment and lifting gears fit for the purpose?           
  16. Is firefighting equipment adequate and serviceable?           
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