Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Risk Assessment and Key Control Measures for Use of Portable Electrical Tools

  1. All portable electrical equipment to be subjected to planned maintenance, including a three monthly test and inspection.
  2. Only trained and competent persons to use, test, repair and maintain portable electrical equipment. Reference to be made to the manufacturers/suppliers operating instructions.
  3. Equipment to be carried out before each use. All equipment/tools found to be defective must be switched off and reported immediately to the site engineer or supervisor.
  4. Only equipment operating at 110v or less to be permitted on site.
  5. All guards must be used and under no circumstances should they be interfered with or removed.
  6. Leads/extension cables must not trail across walkways and should be routed along skirting to prevent trips. All extension leads must be fully extended to prevent overheating and electrical fires. Where reasonably practicable, individual leads to be separately identified.
  7. PPE: Hard hat, safety boots, high visibility vest, eye protection, and if necessary ear protection and dust masks.

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