Monday, July 20, 2020

General Cleaning Risk Assessment

Risk assessment for any general or specific cleaning task is very important and essential in the current COVID-19 pandemic circumstances in entire facilities including household and commercial. and of course typical in all other property services as well. The main objective and principle is very essential in that we’re trying to detect potential issues and risks that may cause harm, whether affecting the actual cleaners or others in the surrounding area.
For carrying out cleaning task the following key points need to be highlighted in the risk assessment procedure:
  1. Always Keep Floors Dry to prevent slips and trips from people near a wet floor. To prevent the slips and trips injuries prepare for reactive situations like spillages and any cleaning-up-kit and procedures. 
  2. COSHH Procedures need adherence to, and these can be identified in the risk assessment. New cleaners required to be appropriately trained with measures such as correct use, mixing and storage of chemicals, substances, appropriate and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the right storage of items being key.
  3. Cleaning service or activity will, of course, involve Chemical usage to some degree, whether serious substances such as bleach or less risky hand-washes, but they all need to be correctly used with plans. Spillage of substances or chemicals may affect people’s hands or even rub into eyes and when these substances are used, all safety precautions should be carefully planned e.g. placing bleach substances within a bucket. Correct PPE should be used to avoid any physical damage from the toxicity of the substance.
  4. Cleaning substances need to be used and stored correctly like PPE and cleaning equipment also being in the same boat. Always use and place the right shelves and areas, doors locked, signs erected, and checks in place to monitor.
  5. Rubbish gets generated anyway, but particularly so with cleaning and disposing of everyone’s rubbish as well as the cleaners.
  6. Cross Contamination of the chemical may cause a cocktail of disaster, even with accordingly safe cleaning chemicals and substances that a cleaner may not be aware of can’t be mixed, either deliberately or mistakenly by, say, using the same uncleaned container.
  7. While cleaning services, cleaners have to work in the confined type and other various hidden areas alone. In such circumstances, proper risk assessment is mandatory to carry out all cleaning safely and securely. 

Conducting General Cleaning Risk Assessment

With reference and in light of the above-mentioned points, it is very important to observe and assess very closely and see all the possibility of potential risks that may affect negatively to your cleaning activity. Observing and analyzing every aspect, factor and terms of who could experience harm, the severity and probability of them happening, and what practical action can be taken to ideally eliminate or at least seriously reduce the risks.

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