Thursday, July 9, 2020

Hazard Communication-Labeling Checklist

Hazard Communication-Labeling Checklist Procedures

The following questions will be added in the checklist to prepare and use the Hazard Communication-Labeling Checklist Checklist mechanism:

Please note that this checklist is a guide only.  Workplaces should design their checklist to suit their processes, substances and conditions. Refer also to the Model WHS Code of Practice for Labeling 
The hazard label is the basic communication tool for the classification of hazardous substances, chemicals and mixtures. Together with the safety data sheet, the hazard label should be dependable in communicating any hazard information for a given substance & chemical or mixture to the user. This enables the user to best protect himself during use. The responsibility for labeling lies with the manufacturer of a substance, chemical, an importer of a substance or a mixture and/or downstream user, for example, a formulator of a chemical or substance who supplies, or store hazardous substances and/or mixtures to a third party, whether professional or consumer, within the state where the business exists or European Union (EU).
A. Labeling
A substance or mixture contained in packaging should be labelled according to CLP before placing it on the market where it is classified as hazardous. A manufacturer, importer, downstream user (including formulator) or distributor (including retailer) must label any substance or mixture before placing it on the market. This also applies to downstream users, provided the composition of the substance or mixture is not changed.
B. Questions
Are all containers of hazardous substances provided by the manufacturer or supplier properly labelled? 
Can you easily determine whether the substances are hazardous? 
Are hazardous substances which are packaged in the workplace and stored labelled as if the substances came from an outside manufacturer or supplier? 
When a hazardous substance is decanted and not used up immediately are the containers always labelled with the product name, and the risk and safety phrases? 
Are hazardous substances in containers used if they are not properly labelled? 
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