Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Prevention and Mitigation of COVID-19 at Work-Checklist

This COVID-19 checklist is a management tool to implement practical actions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 pandemic at the workplace. The successful implementation of the tool is dependent on the cooperation between employers, supervisors and workers to make positive changes in the workplace to improve response to and preparedness for COVID-19. Employers should participate in worksite safety and health committees or safety discussions in the process.

  1. Appoint a team including senior management, supervisors, worker's representatives, and responsible enterprise safety and health personnel.
  2. All team including safety, security, supervision should be properly brief and train on the initiatives to implement this checklist tool.
  3. Complete the checklist and write your check results.
  4. Plan, as the team, what action should be taken, by whom and when.
  5. Look again at the items you have marked Yes. select the items that you think to be most prominent/essential and mark them as Priority.
  6. As soon as you complete the checklist, make a group discussion with the other team    members to prepare proper suggestions/advice to management.
  7. After conducting the group discussion with the team members, present the results of the group discussion to management for planning the continuous implementation of the health and safety improvements at worksite/facility.The accountable team should not delay searching for clarification from OHS authorities (OSHA, IOSH, OSHAD), labor inspectorates, national or international safety organizations or national OSH professional associations, Employers and employees Organizations. This is not a comprehensive list of all mandatory initiatives.

Look for a way to apply the prevention initiatives, if it is more essential, ask the line manager or workforce for further advice.

  • If the properly required initiative has already been deployed or is not required, use the number like “Do You Suggest Action.” If you consider the initiative would be beneficial, mark as Yes.
  • Use the blank space under remarks for additional comments and suggestions.

The responsible team should add to the checklist any additional information they consider appropriate to improve response to COVID-19 at the workplace. Management requires to comply with national legal obligations in organizing their worksite COVID-19 preventive control measures and plan.

COVID-19 checklist Management Tool

  1. Has any person shown sign of high fever (>37.3), Cough and shortness of breath?
  2. Is social distancing policy is implemented in the company vehicle during the traveling of workers?
  3. Are all workers entered the facility maintaining the minimum 2-3 feet distance (from one worker to another)?
  4. Are all workers acknowledged and aware to maintain the minimum distance from other workers at the worksite?
  5. Are workers/employees and other staff scanned their access or attendance cards with maintaining the safe distance and surface anti-touch policy?
  6. Has every person entered the facility has gone through a temperature scan?
  7. Is every person entering the facility has a proper hand wash facility?
  8. Is hand sanitizer available at all entering, washroom basin and equipment or machinery controls/button/handles, etc.?
  9. Are security personals are properly equipped with proper personal protective equipment (e.g., face Mask-N95, gloves, face protective shield, protective address)?
  10. The random and aimless movement of the workers/employees is restricted and controlled at facility and accommodation?
  11. Are visitors/contractors allowed only in emergency/urgent matters?
  12. Are COVID-19 awareness, precautionary and instruction posters, boards and or other means of acknowledgement are displayed at worksite/office/facility?
  13. Are securities, administration and compliance personals aware of the emergency medical preparedness procedures in case of any emergency?
  14. Are all preventive initiatives adopted in workers’ accommodations?

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