Monday, July 4, 2022

Weekly Checklist for Suspended Cradle

The following are some of the main points taken from the original "Weekly Checklist for Suspended Cradle" checklist. to download the editable format, click on the link at the end of these points. 

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1 - Are competent operators authorized by ACI and safe work training given on how to operate the Cradle as per the manual?

2 - Operatives in the suspended cradle received instructions on the safe systems of work and the emergency procedures for the equipment?

3 - Is the cradle inspected/certified by Third Party and is the certificate still valid? Operator with valid Third-Party Training Certificate?

4 - Operating manual including relevant documents available.

5 - Are the outriggers, socket for the davit arm, parapet wall clamp, the tie-back in good working order?

6 - Is a sign with the Safe Working Load (SWL) in kilograms adjusted inside the cradle and the load on the platform within its safe working load?

7 - Are safe entries and exits provided for workers coming into and out including safe access along with the entire work platform of the cradle?

8 - Does the cradle appear to be in a safe mechanical condition with no loose bolts or connections?

9 - Are overhead hazards considered including electricity and falling objects? Control measures in place?

10 - The functional test is conducted on the following:

All operational control including the emergency stop

Communication system

Manual descent facility

All limit switches

All electrical wiring and earthing component

Automatic safety devices

Braking systems

11 - Is the area below barricaded, signs posted, and Permit to Work for the relevant activity secured?

12 - Are there any items in the cradle including accessories used having abnormal wear and tear?

13 - Any oil leakage, overheating, corrosion, unusual noise, dislocation, misalignment, visual cracks, overloading, abnormal slackening or elongation, and excessive vibration?

14 - Are there any apparent defects in the hoist mechanism, wire ropes, and shackles?

15 - Any abnormal braking system function, the automatic safety Device, or safety interlocks?

16 - Are there any defects in the power cable, control button, plug, and other electrical connections?

17 - Are there any incorrect fitting of lifelines and safety harness and their anchorages?

 Weekly Checklist for Suspended Cradle 

Download the File Here 

Weekly Checklist for Suspended Cradle 

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