Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Way to Connect Google+Pages and Google Places

Many times, we see the problem that we have duplicate pages, one with our local business on Google maps (Google places), and another with our Google plus page, below we see the steps to unify the two pages without losing anything by the way.

If you have created a page on Google+ of a type other than a local business or site and you wanted to connect this page to Google Maps and get reviews, you will need to follow the steps indicated on the Google plus help page.

In the end, what you will achieve is to connect your current Google+ page to Google Maps and apply the company information (address, reviews, and much more) from Google Maps to your page. The same Page followers, posts, and admins will remain.

First of all, also make sure that this change is really necessary for the company since some data on the page will be permanently modified.

Let Us Try How to connect Google+ page to Google maps

1. If you haven't already done so, create a separate Google+ Local Page, verified on Google Maps, for the same business as your Page.

2. Sign in to Google+, select Pages in the left navigation menu column, and click Manage this page on the local page.

( The local page looks similar to your current page. It will include a verification badge next to the page name. When you hover over the badge, you'll see a “Verified local business” label. )

3. Click the gear icon next to the company name and select Settings.

4. Scroll down to the “Profile” section. Next to "This page is connected to Google Maps," click Connect another page.

5. In the “Link another page to this location” dialog box, choose the page you would like to connect to Google Maps and click Next.

6. You'll see a list describing the changes made to the newly created page you're connecting to Google Maps and the Google+ Local page you're disconnecting from Google Maps. Click Confirm.

What happens to the page that has been connected to Google Maps?

  • The name and verification badge of the previous local page will be included.
  • Business information (business hours, phone number, etc.) and reviews from the previous local page will be displayed.
  • Old owner responses to local page reviews will no longer be displayed.
  • The same followers, posts, and admins will remain.
  • The custom URL (if you've set one) will be preserved.
  • Ad campaigns associated with the Page may be removed. To start creating a campaign, visit and follow the step-by-step instructions.

What about the old local page?

  1. It will no longer appear on Google Maps.
  2. It will stop displaying local business information and reviews.
  3. It will change its name to “Backup of the”
  4. It will still be visible on Google+.
  5. You will keep the same followers, posts, and admins.
  6. It will keep the same custom URL (if you had set one).
  7. It will stop showing any associated AdWords Express campaigns.

If you need more help or have any problems in this process, you can leave us a comment, or see the Google help page, and you can always follow the tips to improve your local SEO



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