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SEO for DuckDuckGo Search Engine

SEO for DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo despite not being a well-known search engine at the Hispanic level, at the Anglo-Saxon level is gaining weight and strength (obviously limited by the giants around it).

To begin with, DuckDuckGo defines itself as a safe and private search engine and this means that DuckDuckGo does not track you or collect any of the IP addresses you browse with, which means that it is not filtered or personalized so everything in the world sees the same results every time for any identical search query.

DuckDuckGo has some features common to other search engines such as search suggestions, maps, local search, image search, instant responses, and a few other things.

When  DuckDuckGo Was Created?

In addition to that, DuckDuckGo was created in 2008 and currently has about five million queries per day, which may not be much compared to giants like Google, but it is 40% percent more than it had in January of this year.

On top of all this Apple has just announced that DuckDuckGo will be a part of Safari in the next versions of Mac OS X (called Yosemite) and in iOS 8, due out this Fall. Users will then have the option to opt-out of using this search engine when using Safari, so DuckDuckGo has a good chance to grow shortly. It must also be said that Google will continue to be the default search engine in Apple products, but at least there is the possibility of choosing DuckDuckGo, and that can be a big step for the search engine.

In short, I know that DuckDuckGo can bring a little volume of traffic and that it is not yet very prepared for the Hispanic market, but even so, it can be taken into account (you have to scratch where you can), so here are some tips desire.

SEO Tips for DuckDuckGo

1. Much importance of Wikipedia

In DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia is very relevant, and therefore all the links that are within Wikipedia also take part in that relevance, so they tend to position quite well both the Wikipedia pages and the pages which link to Wikipedia.

2. Highly value links with high authority

This is any search engine, but it seems that DuckDuckGo increases this variable much more and that it is closely related to point 1 (and in general with the whole web positioning world)

3. Focus on direct response search terms and local searches

DuckDuckGo works well with these types of queries to which you can offer a direct response, such as what is the best restaurant in Barcelona? In what year was Cristiano Ronaldo born? etc…

It is also quite focused on local searches (partly related to the next point of mobile)

4. Website optimized for mobile

This is also common to any SEO strategy, but considering that part of DuckDuckGo’s traffic will come from iPhones with iOS 8, it's not a bad idea that your website looks good on mobile devices.

5. Keywords in the domain and .com as TLD

One of the factors that seem to predominate in DuckDuckGo are the keywords in the domain, with a predominance of the EMD, but the keywords within the domain are equally valid. They also give a lot of importance to .com domains compared to the rest of TLDs.

In short, at the Hispanic level, DuckDuckGo doesn't seem like it's going to have a big enough piece of the pie to not even pay too much attention to it, but it's always good to analyze and take a look at search engines that are working hard to do something different, so welcome to

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