Sunday, July 3, 2022

SEO on YouTube

Today we bring a new video tutorial, this time talking a little about SEO on YouTube and what factors influence when positioning videos on YouTube and how we can optimize these videos to facilitate the task for those who are looking for it. Many times we forget about videos in our content and positioning strategies, but the reality is that videos are consumed more and more on the internet, it is a good way to reach an audience that we might not otherwise reach and it increases our visibility in the net.

SEO on YouTube – How to position videos on YouTube

SEO on YouTube 

The video talks about the importance of the relevance of the user and the video when it comes to positioning the video itself.

Regarding the relevance of the user, we can take into account the number of subscribers, general theme of their videos (tags and global lists), accumulated likes, accumulated dislikes, number of reproductions, minutes of total reproductions, accumulated favorites, accumulated times shared, etc. … all this at the user account level.

Regarding the relevance of the video, which would also count what was said above (likes, dislikes, favorites, times shared, date of creation, number of reproductions, minutes reproduced, duration of the video, and everything related to the relevance of the video) it would be necessary to have taken into account the title, description, tags and category that we use, as well as the thumbnail image. On the other hand, the editing and correction of the automatic transcription made by YouTube itself will also help us to give our video meaning and theme.

SEO on YouTube 

Maybe I forgot to comment on something in the video, but I hope that at least the basic concepts concerning video optimization are understood... and your comments will surely help to expand this list...

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