Friday, July 1, 2022

Link Building and Influence of Ranking Factors in Google Algorithm

Those social metrics influence organic positioning is a reality, obviously some more than others. We have written articles about this such as the influence of user reputation on Google+, Google's knowledge of all your social connections, or the influence of Twitter and Facebook for SEO.


Google looks for quality in its results, and social metrics are one of the thermometers of that quality since in general, "good" content (understanding good by viral, quality, novel, etc.) tends to be shared more frequently. Measured in social networks.

In this graph, you can see how Social Media fits into a conventional SEO strategy, and that from my point of view are the steps that must be followed to achieve good results:

  1. Create quality and viral content: this is the most difficult part and nothing is done without it. In addition to the "quality" content, it must be created thinking of making it as "sociable" and "viral" as possible
  2. Share it on social networks: it is the previous step to "vitalization"
  3. Make it go viral: This It no longer depends so much on oneself but on the community that surrounds you
  4. You get links and visibility: Quality and viral content usually goes from social networks to blogs, media, forums, and web pages, with their corresponding links
  5. Get more followers: With previous passes completed, the number of followers usually increases by
  6. Expand your range of influence if you have followers and quality content, your range of influence increases, with the good consequences that this has for everything
  7. Your SEO improves and you have more visits: After the content and your profiles have gone through the previous steps, that is, go viral, get links, visibility, and increase your influence, your SEO improves, both specifically in that content, and globally to your website.
  8. Start the process over again: Life is hard :-)

This is a slow process, since reputation and influence are not achieved overnight, and quality content does not come out from under the stones, but with every turn, you give the circle the strategy improves exponentially.

It is also possible that many times the process fails in some of the steps since many of the points do not depend on us, but it will also help us to learn and improve the next time.

Link Building and Influence of Ranking Factors in Google Algorithm 

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