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Mandatory Fatality Prevention Review-Heights Above 6 Feet Or 2 Meters


While working at a height of more than 2-meters, workers should have this written document and should read it completely before starting the job.


While working on Ladders, make sure to the below:

  1. Always inspect the ladders before use for wear, cracks, loose, or missing fittings and they are in good condition.
  2. To prevent any electrical risk of injury or other fatal consequences, use only wooden/fibreglass portable ladders during any MEP electrical work.
  3. Set up the ladder (extension or straight) so that it is free from any hazard – steady, placed at the 4:1 ratio – 3 feet (1 meter) secure and safe past landing while accessing landing.
  4. Don’t place or install the ladder near electrical installations. (A minimum clearance of 3.1 meters (10 feet) safe distance must be kept.)
  5. No more 1-person at a time will climb the ladder. Make sure only 1-person is using it at a time.
  6. Don’t over-reach. (Keep the centre of the body inside rails.)
  7. Never stand higher than the 4th rung from the top of an extension ladder.
  8. While using the ladder, always practice safe methods and climb facing the ladder and keep at least 3-points of contact with the ladder (for example, 2 feet and 1-hand).
  9. When working in high traffic areas, Cordon the area with warning tape the area immediately below.


Inspected the mobile lift before its use for the following:

  1. Top rails
  2. Mid-rails
  3. Toe boards
  4. Hydraulic oil leaks
  5. Condition of mechanical parts 
  6. The entry gate is in place
  7. Always understand how to use the equipment. 
  8. You must stand on the floor of the platform and wear personal fall protection. 
  9. When working in high traffic areas, Cordon the area with warning tape the area immediately below. 


  1. Always review the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly.
  2. Always ensure the scaffold is levelled on the ground properly, steady, and secured. 
  3. Make sure that a guardrail with mid-rail & toe board is essentially in place on all open sides & ends, particularly when it is on enough height. 
  4. When working in high traffic areas, Cordon the area with warning tape the area immediately below. 


  1. Always use fall protection, if there is any possibility and potential to fall from a height above 6 feet (2-meters). 
  2. Use a full-body harness with a lanyard. 
  3. Use a self-locking snap hook for the harness to a lanyard to the anchor point. 
  4. Always use a deceleration device (shock absorber or self-retracting). 
  5. Make sure that the length of the lanyard and the deceleration device plus your height is less than the distance between the anchor points and the ground.
  6. The anchor point is enough and strong to stop your fall.
  7. That you have inspected the equipment before use from wear and tear, critical and even minor cuts, and greasy contaminations.
  8. And the final, make sure that you will be rescued if you fall.

If there are any questions or concerns contact your project supervisor.
Heights Above 6 Feet Or 2 Meters

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