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Booster-Circulation Pump Installation Plumbing Services Method Statement

This method statement covers all processes related to the "Booster-Circulation Pump Installation Plumbing Services" as the following: 


This under discussion method statement is to provide the step-by-step methodology by (Company Name) for installation of water pump set system, which was found elevation discrepancy between IFC Drawing and Enabling Drawing. And to clearly explain the procedures and means for the installation of Booster Pump works, which are the guideline to ensure the works are completed under relevant specifications and drawings.

Scope of Work

The Scope of Work is having all the procedures and sequences for the installation of the water pump. (PROJECT NAME).

Reference Documents

  1. Reference is made to the layout and production agreement, Mechanical Specification, and the Employers requirements. The required and set standards for the Booster Pump Installation indicated therein will be followed (where applicable) for the execution of the works.
  2. Before the start of installation, the following are required to be carried out.
  3. Make sure that the site/building is ready for installation of the pumping system and unloading platform, equipment access hatch is provided before the material delivery.
  4. Make sure that the shop drawings have been approved by the consultant and the drawings have been coordinated with other services.
  5. The delivered pump sets shall be as per specification and ensure that all materials delivered are undamaged and protected.
  6. Ensure all the materials have been inspected and approved at the site as per the relevant Material 

Inspection Request form.

  1. Check the RC pump plinth and ensure that the dimension and location of the pump plinth are according to requirements.
  2. Inspect and carefully check that the top surface of the booster pump plinth is level.
  3. Inspect & Check carefully that the work area is clean & tidy

Installation of Water Pump Set

  1. Place the booster pump set device onto the booster pump plinth.
  2. Appropriately adjust the orientation of the booster pump set system in order that the suction and discharge header retailers are accurate and in keeping with the suction and discharge pipe connection.
  3. Mark the position of the screw hole at the mounting base on the pump plinth.
  4. Remove the booster pump set and drill holes on the booster pump plinth based on the markings.
  5. Insert properly and carefully the drop-in anchor into the hole.
  6. Insert an anti-vibration neoprene pad at the bottom of the pump set system base frame to isolate any vibration from being transferred to the building structure. (If required)
  7. Adjust the pump set system to ensure it is properly level.
  8. Tighten the bolts evenly to mount the pump set system base frame onto the plinth.
  9. Connect the suction and discharge pipes to the pump set system suction and discharge header connections.

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Booster-Circulation Pump Installation Plumbing Services Method Statement 


Booster-circulation Pump Installation Plumbing Services Method Statement

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