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Method Statement For Cable Installation

This method statement covers all processes related to the Installation of Main Cable Installation as the following:


The objective of this method statement is to define the procedure step by step to implement the correct practices for the Installation of Main Cable Installation through the guidelines retrained herein to make sure that the job execution complies with specifications and serves the intended function to a satisfactory level where applicable in the project building.

Cable Installation Methodology

  1. Ensure all the relevant current / approved shop drawings are available with the installation team.
  2. Transfer the cable to the workplace with help of forklifts or cranes and a trailer.
  3. Enough manpower shall be deployed.
  4. Handle the cable drums as recommended by the manufacturer for cable drum handling.
  5. Check the cable drum for any damage during transportation and test the cable for continuity and insulation resistance before installation with 500V Megger on (0-600V) cable.
  6. Check and ensure the cable support system throughout the cable route is completed and free from damage or sharp edges.
  7. Place cable roller on the cable route at every 1.5 meters and end bells at the bends.
  8. Identify the designated cable drum for cable pulling and raise the cable drum above the ground level with a cable jack to unwind the cables to the pulling direction.
  9. Pull the cable with a cable pulling machine or manually from one feeder end to the other end.
  10. Ensure no undue stress is applied to the cable which may damage the cable and its functionality.
  11. Approved pulling tension by the manufacturer to be followed.
  12. Leave enough length of cables at both ends for termination and cut.
  13. After pulling the cable check for mechanical damage, if any major damage is found replace the cable with a new one.
  14. Dress the cable with necessary cable ties of an approved type and make (every half meter) and no overlap of cables shall be allowed.
  15. Maintain gaps between the cables as per standards as required.
 Method Statement For Cable Installation


Method Statement For Cable Installation 

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