Monday, May 9, 2022

Risk Assessment Decommissioning and Removal of Electrical Installation

The following is a part of risk assessment and their control measures for the site decommissioning and removal of electrical installation. To download a complete risk assessment for the "Risk assessment decommissioning and removal of electrical installation", click on the given link at the end of these points:


  • Contact with the live electrical conductor
  • Accidental or unauthorized livening of the circuit
  • Contact with services

Control Measures

  1. Only trained and authorized persons are permitted to operate the plant
  2. Before setting up the operator and the designated bank's man will assess the ground conditions for stability to prevent subsidence.
  3. The crane will be set up as close to the lift area as possible to avoid overreaching.
  4. The crane operator will not attempt to lift outside the specified crane capacity
  5. The load should always be Kept close to the ground
  6. The crane operator should maintain a steady speed during the operation Ground conditions: The crane company you have elected to use can give you suitable words to the effect that the ground on which the cranes will operate is capable of supporting the weight of the cranes and load. Crane outriggers will use ground mats and supporting grillages to provide additional support
  7. Where possible an exclusion zone should be erected to segregate the work area from another plant.
  8. Setting up will be under the control of the bank's man. The bank's man should ensure there is adequate space between the crane and any structures and take into account the swing radius.
  9. Before starting the crane operator should carry out a trial run to ensure
  10. All instructions to the excavator  operator will be given by the bank's man (where possible this will be with the use of 2-way radios)

Risk Assessment Decommissioning and Removal of Electrical Installation 


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