Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Back Injury Prevention Safe Work Practice

Back Injury Prevention

1-Hazards Present

  1. Manual Lifting
  2. Awkward Work Spaces
  3. Repeated Movements
  4. Repetitive Handling of Materials

2-PPE or Devises Required

  •  Steel toed boots
  • High visibility vest
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Eyewear
  • Gloves

3-Additional Training / PPE Required

Stretching Exercises (Before and during work

4-Safe Work Practices

  1. Eliminate heavy lifting and/or reduce the weight of material to be handled. Use mechanical means if possible.
  2. Assign 2 or more people to assist lift if needed.
  3. 3Reduce horizontal and vertical distances of lifts.
  4. Try not to twist back when lifting to avoid injury.
  5. Stretch before each shift and after breaks to get muscles warmed-up.
  6. Change the shape of the load so it can be handled closer to the body.
  7. Make sure an essential and proper work / rest schedule.
  8. Use the following techniques to prevent painful and potentially serious injuries:
  9. Prepare to lift by warming up the muscles
  10. Test the load
  11. Plan the move
  12. While manual lifting, always use a wide, balanced stance with one foot ahead of the other
  13. Grip the load firmly
  14.  Bend your knees
  15. Bring the object as close to your body as possible
  16. Tighten your stomach muscles as the lift begins
  17. Keep your head and shoulders upright
  18. Lift with your legs
  19. Set the load down carefully

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