Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Method Statement for Installation of Central Heating System

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1. Plant/Equipment:

  1. Battery-powered drills saw, and screwdrivers
  2. hand tools
  3. pipe benders
  4. Torch
  5. Blow lamps for soldering
  6. Full PPE

2. Work Method:

  1. On arrival at the client’s home, we would be discussing in detail what works will be carried out and, in the order, they will be carried out.
  2. Lease with the customer to confirm and finalize working hours, the final position of radiators, discuss isolation procedures & strategies of the existing gas and electrical services/installations, and inform the homeowner/client/contractor of the possible potential hazards.
  3. Floorboards lifted where required locating drain points, attaching hose pipes and discharge into the suitable drain.
  4. Isolate water supplies to the existing system.
  5. Use the dust and anti-scratch plastic sheets and other appropriate protection system, remove unnecessary/waste materials such as radiators, old pipes.
  6. Lift carpets if required, floorboards etc. and install new pipework, floor joists noticed or drilled to take the new pipe.
  7. Start and run the new pipework installation, soldering where necessary (make sure that suitable fire extinguisher in place and that no flammable material/substances near soldering points).
  8. Make a connection to all new pipe’s installation to radiators and valves.
  9. Install new boiler along with flue as needed (care and attention when determining the location of the boiler and flue.) Connect the flue pipe and seal with plaster/sand and cement mix.
  10. Make a connection to all new pipe’s installation from the radiators to the boiler. Reconnect the hot & cold services.
  11. Isolate gas pipework from the meter after carrying out soundness test, run and connect ti1enew gas supply as per Required standards and regulations and connect the supply to the new boiler.
  12. Carry out soundness test and purge gas from the meter, ensuring full ventilation.
  13. Connect the boiler and Its controls to the electrical supply ensuring that all eclectics are isolated and fully tested
  14. Pressure the new system and carry out tests for pressure drop, fill system and fully rest hot cold and radiator circuits.
  15. Commission the boiler to manufactures instructions and accomplish the proper and essential paperwork installation.
  16. Hear test the system, test all controls and valves/timers etc.
  17. Make good any walls, doors, ceilings disturbed during installation work.
  18. Final stags: ·
  19. After the new system has been tested to be fully operational, the system will be drained and refilled, flushed with cleaner refilled and the mh1bilor added
  20. The system and Its controls will then be demonstrated to the homeowner ensuring that they are aware of the gas, water, and electrical isolation points.
  21. The sire will be Cleaned of any debris.

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