Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Health and Safety Plan for ELV System

To download the Health and Safety Plan for ELV System , just click in the download link at the end of this article:

Site safety control shall be conducted following the guidelines stipulated in the attached Risk Assessment.

  • To make sure that the Permit to Work System (PTW) should be adopted as per the HSE Plan.
  • To make sure that the lifting operation should be conducted as per the HSE Plan.
  • The copies of Third- party certificate, drivers or operator’s license, vehicle’s registration, and security clearance token to be submitted to organization/company’s safety department before starting the work.

Personal Protective PPE Requirements

PPE is the last line or option of defence and safeguard you and your co-workers, not the first. However, every individual, owner, employer or contractor should provide appropriate PPE to protect the workforce wherever possible. As a minimum for all personal during the works will be a:

  • Hard Hat/Helmet 
  • Safety boots,
  • Coveralls, 
  • Goggles
  • Masks.
  • Harness
  • gloves, etc.

All such required PPE’s will be provided and used at all times. The extra  and  task-specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided and worn according to the risk assessments/JHA.

Emergency Response

  • The Emergency Response  (ER) shall be instituted by Authorized Person. The Emergency Response  (ER) section in the health safety and environmental plan shall be adopted and practised.
  • In case of an Emergency Situation, the following actions shall be activated immediately:
  • Stop the activity
  • Call the emergency number for help
  • Provide first aid and call the ambulance
  • Alert site clinic / Nurse/ First aider

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Health and Safety Plan for ELV System

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