Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Method Statement for Damp Moping/Single Solution Moping


The purpose/aim/objective of this Method Statement (MST) for Damp Moping/Single Solution Moping and explain in detail the procedure such as;

2. Health and Safety Procedures 

  1. Name of On-Site First-Aiders
  2. First Aid Box Location
  3. Name of Nearest Hospital
  4. Nearest Hospital Contact No
  5. Designated Excavation Location

3. Health & Safety and Environment

  1. Make sure that the colour coding system is adopted at all times.
  2. Never mix cleaning agents, as poisonous gases could result-Refer to manufacturers’ instructions.
  3. Do not climb on chairs or desks and do NOT practice overreach.
  4. All equipment should be left clean, dry and tidy in the storage area after use.

4. Equipment, Devices & Machinery


  1. Colour-Coded Bucket
  2. Colour-Coded Cloth
  3. Vileda cloths
  4. Rubber Gloves
  5. General-Purpose Detergents such as Hard Surface Cleaner or similar
  6. Scope of Work: Dusting/Single Solution 

5. Methodology

  1. Put on rubber gloves.
  2. Prepare the cleaning solution following the manufacturers’ instructions.
  3. Make sure that the bucket is always placed sensibly and does not pose a hazard to others.
  4. Dampen or rinse a cloth in the cleaning solution – wring out the cloth as much as you can so that it is barely damp.
  5. Ensure the surface is left as dry as possible with an even finish (not streaky!).
  6. Change the cleaning solution when it becomes soiled.
  7. Use the selected cleaning solution/substances to remove any grease marks or stubborn stains.
  8. Replace items onto the clean surface.
  9. After use, all equipment and machinery should be inspected, cleaned, dried and returned to the storage area/warehouse/store.
  10. Remove gloves and wash hands.
  11. Remove items from the surface to be cleaned.
  12. To Damp dust flat surfaces (furniture, floors, walls, etc.), wipe in straight lines cleaning the edges first.
  13. Wipe the main surfaces in a figure of eight patterns.
  14. Frequently turn the cloth and rinse in the cleaning solution

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