Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Battery & Battery Charger System Installation Checklist

To prepare checklist for  the Battery & Battery Charger System inspection, following are some main points:

Before Installing or Maintaining Capacitor or Capacitor Banks, Employees must Ensure That They:

Before Installing or Testing DC Systems or Apparatus, Employees must Ensure that they:

  1. Verify CSA Certification Marking (or Equivalent)
  2. Check All Battery Cells for Physical Damage & Leaks.
  3. Check Batteries with Voltmeter for Correct Voltage.
  4. Record And Verify Nameplate Data following Approved Drawings and Specs.
  5. Work Must Be Completed Utilizing Proper PPE & Safe Work Procedures Must Be Followed.

Verification of the Annunciator Installation:

  1. Verify proper installation of battery racks, anchoring, earthquake bases, battery cells & grounding as per code, AFC drawings and manufacturer’s specs.
  2. Verify the battery polarity and compare it to charger polarity.
  3. Check all inter-cell strap connections for ampacity and tightness.
  4. Check the battery terminals for tightness and general appearance.
  5. Check that termination is complete and following approved drawings and manufacturer’s specification & covered with protective base.
  6. Check all conductors are labelled and identified, verify positive and negative conductors.
  7. Check the rating of all dc distribution equipment fuses or breakers following approved drawings and specifications.
  8. Check if battery cabinets or vault room is well ventilated as per applicable codes.
  9. Check for cleanliness and inspect for tools or parts lying in the battery and battery charger cabinet.

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Battery & Battery Charger System Installation Checklist

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