Monday, August 2, 2021

Fit-Out & Construction Project-Security-Plan

1- Scope of Work  

For the Project, this Security plan applies to all [Organization/Company Name] activities including personnel, Vendors and Subcontractors associated with this Construction/Fit-Out project (s). This Plan addresses all types of security risks and mitigation measures during all phases of this Fit-Out project (s). This Project Security Management Plan will be reviewed from time to time/periodically as the project advances and if any particular site security requirements are identified, shall be agreed upon and implemented/accomplished.

2- Security Objectives for The Construction/fit-out Project

According to the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE), Quality and Security (Q &S) policy the following main objectives are highlighted for the establishment of a positive and effective approach to safeguard the Project assets from security hazards and threats:

  1. To accomplish the construction/fit-out etc. project without sustaining loss to substance, appliances, materials, equipment, devices and human life.
  2. To enhance the security system by employing highly competent and authorised security specialists.
  3. To develop effective access/egress controls for the prevention of unauthorized persons, visitors or vehicles from entering site/ accommodation, construction, fit-out and pre-commissioning locations.
  4. To develop staff/employee's security protection against aggressors and disincentive/deterrents.
  5. To make sure all vehicle travel is operated and covered under journey management strategy.
  6. To establish an effective working relationship and cooperation with the OWN OWNER and government security personnel.
  7. To make sure an effective Security Operational Control (SOC) by ensuring continual and non-stop communication and intelligence network for threat detection and immediate notification

3- Specific Security Targets

  1. Based upon the above-described goals/objectives fit-out/construction project Security targets have been set.
  2. Zero loss to substance, materials, equipment, appliance and human life.
  3. 100% fencing around the temporary barriers around the work area.
  4. 100% training coverage to all workers/employees/technical staff through Security induction & Orientations.
  5. Maintain 100% record of employees/workers/material & substances /vehicles leaving and entering the Check posts of the site.
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