Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Portable Grinder Inspection Checklist

To prepare checklist for the Portable Grinder inspection checklist, following are some main points:

  1. The grinding machine should be in good and working conditions.
  2. The power cable should be free from damages and connection have taken through Industrial plug.
  3. A flexible cord should be provided to keep the cable free from damage.
  4. Motor capacity should be marked in RPM.
  5. Deadman switch should be in working condition.
  6. The handle should be provided for better control.
  7. Wheel guard should be properly installed with the machine, so that gap between the guard and wheel should not be more than 3 mm.
  8. The grinding/cutting wheel should be free from defects and rotating capacity should be marked.
  9. The grinding machine should be double insulated otherwise grounded.
  10. Always use the designated key for removing and changing the wheel
  11. The machine is operated by a competent person.
  12. The RPM of the wheel should be more than the RPM of the motor.

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Portable Grinder Inspection Checklist

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