Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Engine Generator Set Inspection Checklist


  1. Exterior Of Equipment
  2. Completeness Of Assembly
  3. Equipment Rotation
  4. Check Oil Level
  5. Check Fuel Level
  6. Proper Equipment Grounding
  7. Check Meters/gauges
  8. Tightness of Bolted Connections
  9. Verify Governor and Regulator
  10. Check Vibration
  11. Check Batteries
  12. Check Radiator Fluid
  13. Proper System Ground
  14. Equipment identification
  15. Bracing
  16. Proper phase connections
  17. Reference drawings
  18. Working clearance
  19. Anchorage
  20. All filters and vents clear
  21. Check to equip. environmental
  22. Classification
  23. Check for provisions of the spill
  24. Container
  25. Control system
  26. Check fuel filter


A. Voltage measurement to be done after the generator is started and connected to load. 

B. During the commissioning of generator sets, a representative of the manufacturing company or supplier must be present to witness and/or perform the tests.

C. Engine generator testing is a very intensive process and requires a 10-to-14-hour day depending on the equipment being commissioned.  Supplier and or manufacturer generally provide generator testing load requirements.

D. Verify all system checkpoints during load changes and record per specified requirements and/or equipment manufacturer.

E. Perform and record engine manufacturer's recommended checks and inspections.

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