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RA-Repair & Renew Fascia - Soffit - Barge Board & UPVC soffit


  1. Manual Handling 
  2. Noise/ Exposure to excessive noise from
  3. timber cutting.
  4. Verbal/physical abuse.
  5. Contact with sealants
  6. Dog attack/bite.
  7. Electric shock.
  8. Inhalation of wood dust e.g., M.D. F
  9. Struck by falling objects. Falls from heights. 
  10. Contact with a saw blade in motion.
  11. Strains / sprains from lifting / carrying & removing old / new fascia’s, soffits, etc.
  12. Exposure to asbestos fibers-packing / window linings, soffits, fascia, etc.
  13. Slips and trips.

Control Measures

  • Follow Contractor/company’s PTW (Permit to Work) system
  • Use mechanical equipment as far as possible.
  • If mechanical equipment is impractical then use the right lifting techniques.
  • Induction training and
  • Tool Box Talk should be carried out regularly before the commencement of work.
  • Workers are reminded of using proper and adequate PPE.
  • Close supervision and Monitoring
  • All tools will be in good working condition
  • Tools to be inspected before use
  • Ensure the right tool for the right task
  • Ensure NOT to leave running equipment/tool unattended
  • No repair/ Maintenance while equipment alive
  • Workers to be trained to use assigned tools
  • Proper ergonomics carry the load within the specified limit
  • Adequate PPE to be worn by personnel.
  • Induction training and
  • Tool Box Talk should be carried out regularly before the commencement of work.
  • Vigilant supervision of a supervisor.
  • Safety warning signs should be in place.
  • Operatives must bend the legs when lifting materials and not the back
  • Use the kinetic method of material handling (Feet apart, straight back, chin in, fan grip, and hold the weight close to the body). Repeat the same procedure.
  • employees will not be allowed to carry more than the required load
  • Take action to reduce the noise exposure; 
  • Provide your employees with personal hearing protection.
  • Engineering controls to minimize or reduce, at source, the noise produced by a machine or process;
  • Improved working techniques to reduce noise levels;
  • Use pre-cut timber from the workshop. Timber cutting by handsaw.
  • Ensure regular communication is maintained. Violence awareness training for staff.
  • Withdraw from a site if challenged or abuse likely.
  • Avoid skin contact.
  • Wash any cement from the skin as soon as possible. Always follow the COSHH assessment for the material or product.
  • Ask for the dog to be locked away or out of the work area.
  • Withdraw from the site is a concern.
  • Examination and test of electrical equipment.
  • Visual examination of P.E.E. before use e.g., leads whole or damaged.
  • Use 110 volt or low/battery-powered tools. Inspect premises for overhead power supply.
  • Use pre-cut timber from workshop/joinery.
  • Wear a P1S face mask.
  • I need to cut do this outside in the open air.
  • Protect walkways with fan scaffold/debris nets (where required).
  • Wear head protection when working on the ground/risk of being struck as well when positioning the soffit/ fascia.
  • Ensure tools are kept tidy & not placed on the cill.
  • Do not throw materials off access equipment or out of the window, lower to ground using gin wheel or similar.
  • Ensure tools are kept tidy and removed from the platform when not in use.
  • Ensure machine tools in good condition and all guards must be in place and correctly set.
  • servicing, note run downtime as per working
  • procedures.
  • Basic manual handling training for operatives. Seek Assistance with heavy/awkward loads.
  • Place broken pieces in a suitable receptacle before carrying.
  • Information from the client.
  • Check appropriate register for content/location.
  • Inspect on site before commencing work if in doubt, seek advice from supervisor withdraw until the content of panel can be determined and appropriate action taken. Only trained personnel to remove asbestos.
  • Ensure good housekeeping at site/keep the client out of the work area.
  • Ensure lighting at the place of work is adequate. The clear working area of 'clutter if possible.

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RA-Repair & Renew Fascia - Soffit - Barge Board & UPVC Soffit.

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